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Madison Township operates five cemeteries:

INACTIVE: OLD MT. PLEASANT and AUGSPURGER                                              

To contact us about plot and burial information or to purchase a lot call (513) 424-0821 Ext. 2.

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Madison Township, Butler County, Ohio Cemeteries
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Cremation open/close
Adult Resident
Adult Non-Resident
Child 12 & Under
Deed Transfer
Foundations *
VA Plaques Installed
Regular Vault
Ashes, Urn, or Box
Miscellaneous Fees
$.70 per sq/ft
No Weekends

What you need to know:

1.  * Foundations: A concrete foundation is required by the Township to have any type of marker placed in the cemeteries. The dimension of the foundation is based on the size of the headstone (including all borders) for .70 cents a sq. inch. Foundations will only be installed in the Spring & Fall. The cutoff date for foundation orders shall be April 20th & September 20th of each year. Any orders received after these dates will be placed on the following scheduled concrete pour date.

 The Township Employees are solely responsible for the performance of all labor involved. This includes the excavating of dirt, setting concrete form boards, pouring of concrete, and removal of form boards. No other person is allowed to perform any of these duties per the Township’s Insurance. The installment of all Headstones & Footstones shall be the responsibility of the Stone/Monument company from which the stone was ordered from.

2. A Maximum of two cremation urns on top of the existing vault (size restriction). Grave markers shall be flat if the room does not allow for extra names to be placed on existing headstones

3. All duties within the cemetery that are required for preparing & completing an upcoming funeral shall be performed by Township Employees only.

4. Mowing & weed control shall be the responsibility of Township Employees.

5. Pets are not allowed to be buried within the Township cemeteries.

6. Decorations: The concrete border of the stone foundation is not for placing decorations. Its sole purpose is to give mowing equipment a buffer from the stone marker. During mowing season no decorations of any type shall be placed on the ground. Flowers must be placed in a permanently installed urn or vase attached to the stone, not the ground or concrete border. Another option is the use of a saddle type flower arrangement placed on top of the stone.

  • The use of wire, iron, or steel to secure decorations is strictly prohibited as well as shepherd hooks.
  • The placing or boxes, toys, shells, ornaments, bottles, glass, wood, any type of block, landscape rocks, mulch, Styrofoam, artificial animals, concrete lawn ornaments, benches, tin cans, crockery, or any other bric-a-brac of any description shall not be permitted.
  • Holiday Decorations: All holiday decorations shall be removed within 7 days of the holiday.
  • Any decoration placed on the stone or in vases that become weathered and begin to make a mess on the ground shall be removed by Township employees.
  • All winter decorations will be discarded during the first week of March.

The Township reserves the right to prevent or remove all decorations, structures, and objects of any kind from the cemetery if, in the judgment of the Cemetery Sexton, they shall be deemed inappropriate to the overall aesthetics of the cemetery. Absolutely no trees or shrubs of any kind are to be planted in any part of the cemeteries. The Trustees assume no liability for vandalism to grave markers or any removal of decorations that is out of the control of the Township.


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